The visual arts have been my life blood for as long as I can remember. I need art, music, food, family and culture in my life.

It all started for me with Punk’s ethos of Do It Yourself. I bought my first camera, a Zenith E, built like a Russian tank and nearly as heavy, to photograph friends who had formed a band. The band didn’t last long, fortunately, I was addicted to photography. My small middle England home town was now looking very bland, London was calling and In 1989 I upped sticks and moved. Assisting photographers was my goal, I had to like their work and after a few months I’d managed to meet and impress the Internationally renowned fashion and portrait photographer Nick Knight. My time with Nick was invaluable, yet after a year my appetite was to get out there and shoot for myself. The next 20 years I was shooting portraits, fashion and advertising commissions freelance for most of the renowned British style magazines including, Vogue Homme International, The Face, I-D magazine, Arena and The Sunday Times magazine, which naturally led to me being commissioned by magazines and clients worldwide. Have a a gander at a selection of my work from this period here. Also head over to my Archive shop for archival limited edition prints and Artist Proofs available for you lovely people to own.

What a beautiful journey that was.




How did I become a wedding photographer ?

Becoming a father changed me.
My daughters drama teacher Daisy, was getting married, she asked me if I’d fancy shooting it, I did, I was hooked. Its that simple. I am a realist at heart and the fashion industry has for my nature, veered excessively into the realms of fantasy. That’s not my cup of tea, time for me to move on. So now I call myself a wedding photographer ( big smile ). My editorial experience has proven crucial to this second stage of my photographic life and expression, I’ve photographed musicians, politicians, artists, comedians and cultural darlings alike, many of my models of all ages were street cast by myself. I love the melting pot vibe of a modern big city, people very much make my world go round.


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